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Ohh beautiful! Odi’s dog celebrates his birthday, he just rejoices and laughs

Birthdays are the most beautiful holidays and even animals understand this. This is Odin’s birthday- a small dog with small paws, small ears, and a small tail that wags when he’s happy.

Odin lives in Mexico with Joyce Cetina and her family. Ever since Joyce adopted Odin he has filled her life with joy. His face makes everyone love him.

“He’s a very faithful companion, loves to hug and play,” Joyce told.

This month Odin had his birthday and Joyce decided to organize a party to show how much he appreciates her.

When Joyce and friends discovered the surprise he was surprised. He did not understand what all this was about but when he saw the cake in front of him and the attention that was focused on him he was excited.

Joyce and her friends also gave him some gifts but more he enjoyed the kisses and hugs.

Though technically it was Odin’s big day (or rather the anniversary of the day they adopted him), his family feels like they’re the ones who’ve gotten the biggest gift of all.

“For Odin, every day is like a birthday because he lacks nothing, but this is the day he became part of our lives. He gives us joy every day,” Joyce said.

Making someone happy gives you pleasure, especially with a puppy-like Odin who makes you love him as soon as you see him.

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