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Remained trapped at the root of the tree, lucky dog ​​rescued / He could have died

Dogs can hide anywhere and are hard to find, especially when using nature. And that’s what happened to Teazle, a Spaniel/Terrier mix from Dorset. One day, 8-year-old Teazle went missing in Delcombe woods.

Teazle is a dog who likes to be independent, so his mother Clare Trendrea did not bother when he left at first. Before she disappeared she was chasing squirrels but this did not last long because she had short legs.

But the hours passed and Clare started to panic so he went out to search. They searched until 10 pm but nothing, the family was very worried and was thinking the worst.

The next morning, they started their search again at 5 am. The family checked every badger den, fence line, and hiding spot they could think of. And the miracle happened: Tredrea’s son Jack noticed something: “beady eyes” from the bottom of a tree.

Yep- Teazle had gotten herself stuck inside of a tree root. We had passed several times but the place where she had stumbled was difficult to distinguish and she made no sound. Teazle was lucky after spending the night at the root of a tree, probably getting in there while chasing a squirrel.

Freeing her from the root of the tree was not easy. The family stood for 45 minutes seeing him, and they did not believe how he had managed to get stuck there. Then they broke the root of the tree and she came out without any damage. Teazle was lucky because she could have died there if she had not been found. Whoever happens to such a case stay vigilant and look everywhere.

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