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She is chained and stoned, then thrown into the water, Belgian Shepherd Bella escapes/ She has a family now

Belgian Shepherd Bella was rescued from drowning in the Trent River. He was chained around his neck and had a stone bag hung on his back.

She was rescued by the heroic passerby, Jane Harper who was thrown into the water as soon as she spotted it before the police took her to a local vet to give her first aid.

Her spine was badly damaged and she could not get up. It took 15 months of rehabilitation to recover, after which she found a home in South Derbyshire with Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas, who were described as the “perfect match” with them.

They knew Bella’s past and took care to give her all the love and attention she needed. Maggie, 79, said: “We heard her story on the news and our daughter encouraged us to apply for her. We knew she would need constant check-ups at the vet but all we wanted was to give her all the care and the love that she had lacked.”

Bella’s former owner was sentenced to a 12-month community order after she pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to her pet. ┬áBut what matters most is that Bella’s suffering is over. Now she has a home and above all some people love her.

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