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The little boy has autism, the dog waits for him for days in front of the door / Until the bus brings him home

Dogs are very loving especially with children and do everything to gain their love and attention. Lucky is a special pit bull. He loves everyone in his family, especially his brother. Their friendship was initially difficult.

Lucky’s brother is 5 years old, he has autism spectrum disorder and was officially diagnosed.

“He did not like her for the first year of her life. I think it was too much of a change for him, and he did not like her being in his personal space, ”Miranda Peterson, Lucy’s mom, told.

Lucy could sense that her brother needed a little more time to warm up to her, and she became great about giving him his space. Lucky’s brother liked to go out for walks every afternoon with his dad, so he took Lucky with him. This helped them make friends and now they are not separated.” Now he loves playing fetch with her, pouring her food in her bowl every day and occasionally he’ll go and pet her, “Miranda told.

Lucky uses every moment to have his brother by his side. Another opportunity to approach him was to wait for the bus every day to bring his brother. So he met the bus driver.

The bus driver liked the pit bulls very much and for him, it was a pleasure to greet Lucky every day. This became a routine for Lucky, he accompanied his brother every day to the bus and waited all day until he returned.

As Lucy excitedly greets her friend, the bus driver, every day, it’s almost as if she’s thanking him for taking such good care of her brother. As soon as the bus arrives he starts barking and knocking on the door until his mom says “ok” then jumps from the joy that finally his brother came.

Every person in Lucky’s life is important and he does everything to show it to you. With his ingenuity and dedication, he wins the heart of every person.

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