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Envious Chihuahua Is Obsessed With Her Human Dad

Dogs realize how to win love however many would not accept that they are desirous. Couple Nathan and Alicia Mc Neese have a charming cuddly Chihuahua named Briston. She is an exceptionally adorable, sweet, and in some cases entertaining young lady.

The canine loves his father so a lot and ensures everybody gets this. Briston regularly twists up Nathan to show that she has a solid relationship with her father.

The couple has two different canines, however, none of them are as fixated on Nathan as Bristol is. She follows her father all over the place, in any event, taking her mom’s position in bed.

Every time Alicia attempts to come in the middle of Bristol and Nathan, the little Chihuahua responds as though Nathan is her sweetheart and no one has the option to draw near to him.

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