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This Kittens Who Had Been Abandoned Finally Find Love And Happiness In A New Home

Sergey is a Russian guy who spends most of his free time caring for stray cats and kittens. He even assists these unfortunate animals in locating new homes or shelters. He has a YouTube account where he frequently broadcasts videos of himself and others rehoming abandoned kittens, assisting ill and injured cats, and feeding cats and kittens.

Credit: Nine Lives

Sergey’s neighbor discovered three abandoned kittens near her home one day. They didn’t have a mother to look after them. The two creatures were hungry and filthy after spending many days on the streets. He agreed to assist them when she begged him to. He attempted to locate foster homes for the other kittens while she took one home.

Credit: Nine Lives

They felt at ease and began to play when their empty tummies were fed. They were loving, kind, and friendly despite the fact that they were strays. Someone had undoubtedly thrown them here, he reasoned. They would never be nice to strangers if they were born on the streets.

Credit: Nine Lives

He captured them and took them to a vet facility for a check-up as soon as he secured a temporary foster home. Except for the normal parasites, they were in good health. He took the kittens to their foster home after making sure they were alright.

Credit: Nine Lives

The girl’s name was Molly, and the boy’s name was Markiz, according to Sergey and the rest of the family. They were the same age, according to the vets. They might be siblings, but their dads could be different. They were ready for adoption, so everyone began looking for adoptive families.

Credit: Nine Lives

Thankfully, the two cats were quickly adopted by wonderful people. We are relieved to learn that they are content in their loving homes. After everything they’ve gone through, they’ve finally found the happiness and love they deserve. We hope they will be cared for and cherished indefinitely.

Watch the entire rescue in the video below:

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