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This Man Opened The Door’s Of Mosque’s For All The Stray Cats And Kittens In town

In the middle of a metropolis where hundreds of stray cats walk in the streets, one mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is welcoming cats in need of warmth and shelter.
Imam Mustafa Efe began accepting homeless cats into the mosque, and his narrative of kindness has traveled throughout the world since then.

He refers to the cats as “guests” of the mosque, and as you can see, he has made them feel more comfortable.

One of the cats was so a comfortable in the mosque that she thought it would be a wonderful location to raise her kittens.

The mother stray brings her kittens into the mosque and up the stairs of the minbar, the platform where the imam delivers sermons, in the video below.

Imam Efe expressed his gratitude for the kitties that surprised him during a Friday sermon. In a Facebook post, he stated, “The kitten has reached the heart of compassion and kindness.”

In a world where stray cats are all too frequently left to fend for themselves, a simple act of compassion and charity is all that stray cats require. And the homeless cats have found refuge in this mosque.

Imam Efe continues to ensure that the “guests” of his Istanbul mosque are well taken care of — and the kitties are pleased to have a home.

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