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No Matter How Many Times He Is Asked To Leave The Supermarket, The Cat Refuses To Go

You are free to take him outside. You have the option of asking him to leave. But he’ll simply return. Tough. Madder. Fluffier.

A mystery cat has been startling consumers in England since last year, frequently appearing on the shelves of one grocery store despite repeated attempts by employees to remove it.

The stubborn feline was initially discovered in November at a Sainsbury’s store, where he had mastered his odd habit of hanging around, being removed by security, and then going straight back in.

The cat has been thrown out several times since then, yet he still haunts his favorite business.

“He lives next door and is in here every day, all the time,” a source for Sainsbury’s told The Telegraph. “He isn’t permitted to be here.”

The cat has become something of an online celebrity as a result of his curiously particular fixation, receiving the title of “Animal of the Week” from Time Out London.

Locals, on the other hand, know him as the friendly neighborhood illegal shop cat.

One Sainsbury’s customer commented on Facebook, “He was flat down on the mat yesterday near the door under the hot fans.” “Everyone came to a halt to tickle him.”

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