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A Rare Kitten Born With Two Faces Defies The Odds And Survives Thanks To The Love And Care Of A Veterinarian

Even for an experienced veterinarian like Dr. Ralph Tran, seeing a kitten with two faces is an incredibly unusual sight.

Dr. Tran was approximately three months into his move from New York to San Diego when he got a message from a friend whose cat had recently given birth to a kitten. Because of the little cat’s unique illness, Dr. Tran’s buddy was seeking for someone who might know how to care for it.

Dr. Tran had previously worked in the ASPCA kitten nursery and was well-versed in the care of newborn kittens. As a result, he consented to accept Duo and his other eight cats into his care.

Dr. Tran explained, “I really didn’t know much about what disease she had.” “I was under the impression she was a regular Siamese twin, but she isn’t.”

Credit: Catsoncatnip

Since Duo had to be tube-fed and then syringe-fed since she didn’t like drinking from a bottle, Dr. Tran fed her every several hours.

Credit: Catsoncatnip

She had to be treated for a number of respiratory illnesses as well. When she is old enough, she will need to have one of her eyes removed since it has caused her a lot of discomfort.

Credit: Catsoncatnip

Duo “didn’t exactly develop intellectually like other kittens her age,” according to Dr. Tran, and it took her a long time to learn to walk, eat, play, and go to the bathroom.

Credit: Catsoncatnip

“She now enjoys playing with toys and following the other cats. “One cat will play with her, while the other cats will simply stare at her,” Dr. Tran explains.

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