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A Japanese Company Brings Different Cats To Relieve Stress From The Employees 

Japan is well-known for its long working hours and stressed-out workforce, but one firm believes it has found a solution: cats. Ferray, a Japanese IT company, has implemented a “office cat” policy to combat a stressful working atmosphere. The Ferray Tokyo office is home to nine fluffy felines, all of whom are free to roam and eat, sleep, and wander anywhere they choose.

Credit: Catlov

We’ve got nine furry companions at the office who are free to wander and do anything they like.

Hidenobu Fukuda, the company’s CEO, instituted the renowned cat policy in 2000 after a request from one of his workers. This policy allows employees to bring their cats to work. He agreed, and now any employee may bring in their BFF.

Ferray employee Eri Ito is a fan of the animal’s calming abilities.

There are cats lying right next to us…

Healing,” Ito remarked of the experience.

Credit: Catlov

However, Fukuda acknowledged that having cats in the office has its advantages.

According to him, cats have been known to step on phones or off switches, which has resulted in calls being dropped or computers being turned off.

A tremendous success for his workers and the cats alike, having cats in the office. A lot of other enterprises have followed suit, and there are now over 60 officially registered cat cafés springing up all around Tokyo.

Here’s a look around the office through video:

Cats in the workplace sure sounds like a win win for everybody!

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