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A Neighbor Boy Takes Time Out The of His Daily Routine To Visit A ‘Misunderstood’ Cat

Ace the cat is frequently misinterpreted. After losing one of his eyes to an illness, he’s a little different, but he’s the sweetest thing imaginable. He was rescued when he was a stray kitten and has since lived life to the fullest. However, many people are afraid to greet him, and youngsters may find him frightening.

Credit: Norma Maikovich

That’s why it came as such a shock to the cat’s owners when the exterior security camera captured a little kid playing with Ace. The youngster next door takes time out of his day virtually every day to pet Ace and keep him company. It made the owners’ hearts melt.

They told the child that he was welcome at any time, so he didn’t feel compelled to sneak around. Ace has developed a shared interest in the young man. When the cat sees his buddy nearing the front door, he will dash outside to welcome him!

Credit: Norma Maikovich

Ace’s reputation will undoubtedly continue to be tarnished, but this young child understands better than to judge a book by its cover. These two closest friends have a wonderful relationship, and it teaches us a valuable lesson in life.

Watch the sweet video here:

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