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After A Terrifying Attack By Street Animals, An Abandoned Cat Finally Finds A Forever Loving Home

What happens to a cat whose owners have abandoned it? These cats are scared and lack the essential hunting instincts. They are fighting for their life in appalling circumstances. They can’t obtain food on their own and are frequently attacked by stray animals. Randy was left to confront the weather as well as predators when his owners abandoned him. The unfortunate cat was left outside for a whole winter with no shelter. He had to scavenge for food wherever he could. The neighbors spotted him the next summer and knew he was wounded.

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Randy had been assaulted by another animal, leaving him with an unrecognizable face. His wounds were infected, and one of his eyes was swelled shut. The neighbors alerted RappCats of his injury and volunteered to assist in his capture so that RappCats could care for him. Randy was apprehended and transported to the vet to have his injuries examined and treated due to weariness and hunger. Randy’s injuries took months to heal, and he had to relearn to accept and trust others.

Crdit: cutenessoverload

Randy was able to recuperate thanks to RappCats’ love, care, and attention. He was adopted into a loving family where he is properly cared for and cherished. Randy is a very happy cat right now.

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