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Cats Receive An Automatic Feeder And Decide To Bring It Presents

Cee Webster, who was having a rough day at the time, decided to go see the animals at the Pixie Project in Portland, Oregon, over two years ago.

That’s when Webster met two 8-week-old kittens that were inseparable brothers.


Webster told The Dodo, “I’m allergic to cats and shouldn’t have cats.” Webster didn’t anticipate the visit to last much more than a sniffly cuddle session.

“Tucker was this little little nugget,” Webster recounted, “and he started kneading on my face and purring.”

Then Webster went about his business, but he couldn’t help but think of Tucker and Finley. “I just thought those kitties were unique,” Webster remarked. “I was thinking, ‘All I have to do now is go grab them.'”


Clearly, Webster couldn’t fathom them being separated. That’s how a cat allergy sufferer ended up with two cats. “Having horrible allergies outweighs the mental health advantages,” Webster added.


Tucker and Finley have had it made for them since they were adopted. They are suffocated with attention, and their person is completely devoted to them.

Webster stated, “These men are best buddies.” “They groom each other and sleep together.”

They’re also well-fed, to the point where Webster is attempting to keep them in shape by having them exercise shortly before supper.

Webster devised a ritual utilizing toy mice, which he refers to as “mousies.”

“Of the two, Finley is the most athletic,” Webster remarked. “He likes to play fetch with his mousie, so I’ll throw it and he’ll retrieve it.”


Both cats have learnt to connect mousies with dinnertime since commencing this workout program. Toy mousies are a type of aperitif for cats.

Webster purchased an automated feeder at one time. Webster explained, “I purchased them the feeder so they could have some dry food throughout the day and it would divide it out.” “It’s also set on a timer. So maybe they wouldn’t bother to wake me up at 5 a.m.”


When Tucker and Finley first encountered the food robot, they were apprehensive. “They were frightened out when I initially set it up because it produced a strange noise,” Webster added. “With his tail puffed out, Finley went away.”

However, as they understood the robot’s actual function, they began to like it. “Now they hear that boom and run over,” Webster explained. “They also know when it takes place. They arrive five minutes early and simply wait.”


Despite the fact that one of Webster’s primary duties for Tucker and Finley has been eliminated, the cats appear to know that their human is still excellent for petting and cuddles.

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