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The Greatest (Or Worst) Thing That Has Ever Happened Is Cats Wearing Tights

Every now and again, something happens that evokes a peculiar mix of delight and dread, a sensation that no one word can really describe. This is an example of one of those things:

Tights-wearing cats.

Once familiar-looking felines are turned into something totally different in an instant, with the addition of some elastic leggings and perhaps some shoes. It looks like something out of a cartoon. Or it may be a nightmare.

Surprisingly, the longer one looks at cats wearing tights, the less sense it makes. Any attempt to reduce it to its most basic components (cats, tights) simply adds to the perplexity.

It’s like a conundrum wrapped in a riddle that’s been stuffed into a pair of tights.

Tights-wearing cats create a movement conflict. They’re absolutely still on the one hand, yet wild and frantic on the other – a Van Gogh picture, if he painted cats in tights.

They’re also warm at times. It’s cozier than a cat without tights.



Neither? Both?

You be the judge.

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