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This Animal Shelter Is Currently Cat-Free

“Over the weekend, more than 15 cats found their purr-fect homes,” the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) said on Facebook, “which means our Boston adoption facility now has ZERO animals available for adoption!”

Then something even more incredible occurred.

The emotional outpouring from cat lovers who opted to give homeless animals a real home was sparked by a photo of empty holding cages at the shelter that was shared on Facebook.

One reader commented, “Our fluffy guy Nobu… arrived from the ARL nearly five years ago!” “It’s wonderful that so many other kitties have found their permanent homes.”

“Thumbelina is a two-year-old rescue,” wrote another. “She’s the smallest, most amazing cat I’ve ever seen.”

Another person said, “Thank you for taking care of my little Amie.” “She’s still a joyful little bundle of joy a year later!”

When there are an estimated 3.4 MILLION cats in shelters throughout the United States waiting for homes, images like these remind us that happy endings are possible.

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