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Tiny Kitten Came Back From A Very Dangerous Health Situation After A Husky Nurses Helped Him

Rosie At the early age of three weeks, the kitten was saved. She was in bad form and on the verge of death.

Her frantic humans took a chance and brought the kitten to Lilo, a Husky, out of fear for her life. Huskies have a high prey drive, so this was a bit risky. It might have been disastrous to bring these two together.

Credit: LilotheHusky

It wasn’t the case. It was a miracle.

The two hit it off right away. Lilo took the small cat in her arms and began nursing her.

Credit: LilotheHusky

The fragile kitten became stronger after a week. Rosie moved about on her own after opening her little eyes.

Credit: LilotheHusky

This unusual mother and daughter have formed an unbreakable relationship.

Despite this closeness, the people in the couple insist that their relationship is unnatural.

“Huskies are known for their ferocious prey drive!! So don’t go out and acquire a cat (or a husky) and expect them to be best buddies. It is quite rare for them to get along (without having grown up together), so please! Protect your pets and make informed choices when introducing new ones into your home.”

Even while Lilo had no problems with Rosie, Infinity, one of the other Huskies in the household, struggled to control her prey drive around the little kitten.

Credit: LilotheHusky

The family’s owners want to make sure that everyone understands the need of being cautious when introducing cats to a Husky or similar breed household.

We’re pleased Rosie is doing well, and that the entire family is happy and healthy!

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