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A Broken-Hearted Cat Remembers An Aroma He Assumed He’d Never Smell Again

It’s been months since Zeus the cat said his final goodbyes to his deceased friend, a dog named Sam. The bereft cat’s affection for his former canine partner, though, remains strong.

And that couldn’t have been made any clearer recently.


On the surface, Zeus and Sam’s relationship did not appear to be out of the ordinary for a cat and dog sharing a home.

Despite the differences in their species and temperaments, they developed a kinship – though they expressed it in different ways.


“Zeus wanted to snuggle and play with Sam, but Sam was always uninterested,” the pair’s owner, Emma Catanzarite, told The Dodo. “Zeus was always teasing him.”

He mostly just wanted to be near her.


However, while cats are known for their amusing ways of expressing affection, in this case, it was Sam the dog who showed his love via tolerance.


Unfortunately, their time together couldn’t endure forever; Sam passed two months ago, leaving a dark shadow on the cat’s heart.

“After Sam passed, Zeus seemed quite lonely,” Catanzarite observed. “During the day, he followed my mother around a lot more, and when he died, he meowed a lot like he was looking for him. We had Sam wrapped in a blanket the day he passed, and when my mother entered the room, she saw Zeus lying on top of him, as if he had finally gotten his opportunity to cuddle with him.”

Sam may be gone, but Zeus was able to reconnect with him this week.


Catanzarite’s brother had kept the dog’s old collar on a bookshelf in his room since the dog’s death. Zeus discovered it the other day, and his heart seemed to enlarge.

“I noticed Zeus sniffing near the bookcase, then he jumped up and sat right next to the collar,” Catanzarite explained. “Seeing how thrilled he was to locate that and finally smell Sam again made me so sad.”

It’s impossible to know for sure if simply smelling Sam again was enough to heal his heart, but it appeared so.

“When he found it, he seemed really thrilled,” Catanzarite recalled. “I believe it may have aided him.”


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