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At First, They Thought It Was a Trash Bag As They Saw It Tumble Across The Freeway!

When Bounce the kitten was discovered falling across the pavement of a highway, she was rescued. The car’s passengers first mistook a bag for a cat, only to be horrified when they realized it was a kitten.

Fortunately for Bounce, she was noticed by friendly individuals, who pulled over quickly, thinking it was already too late!

Credit: SPCA of Wake County

“Bounce is a really fortunate kitty! According to the SPCA, the finder was traveling down the highway when she noticed what seemed to be a bag sliding across the road. “But it wasn’t a bag, it was a little black kitten!” she said. She pulled over, concerned that the cat had been hit, and drove her to the doctor to make sure she was okay. Bounce, miraculously, was totally unharmed!”

Not only did this individual rescue Bounce’s life, but they also provided her with every opportunity for a better future!

Once she was safe and secure, it was discovered that, while being otherwise healthy, she had a congenital condition known as eyelid agenesis.

“You may have noticed Bounce’s peculiar look — she suffers from eyelid agenesis, which means her third eyelids aren’t fully developed. Eye drops are being given to her to assist lubricate her eyes.”

Credit: SPCA of Wake County

Despite being an uncommon illness, it is a disorder that is fairly frequent in cats. This disease renders cats and kittens prone to numerous eye infections due to their lack of eyelashes.

Surgery can assist cats with agenesis of the eyelids, but because Bounce’s disease is minor, she will just need eye medications to keep her eyes moist.

Credit: SPCA of Wake County

She’s a very happy kitten now, and she’s frequently heard before she’s seen!

“Bounce is a hoot, so full of personality and sass, and she spends the entire day chirping while she plays. She couldn’t be more adorable!”

Credit: SPCA of Wake County

People offered their love and support for the little kitty in the comments. Three sibling kittens with eyelid agenesis had been fostered by one individual. Fortunately, these kittens didn’t have any further problems with their eyes.

Many people expressed their admiration for Bounce and kittens with eyelid agenesis.

Credit: SPCA of Wake County

“Bounce is a fantastic and entertaining little cat who has grown from a fearful, small kitten to a sociable, active, purring female. She will have a long and happy life if properly cared for, and she will be the finest companion.”

“I have a black rescue cat with the same eye problem, and he is the BEST – PLEASE don’t let that stop you from adopting.”

Credit: SPCA of Wake County

Bounce is now in foster care and will be ready to find a permanent home soon. If you are able, you may give to the SPCA of Wake County to help preserve lovely kittens like Bounce. Thousands of furry pals are saved each year.

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