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People Are Adoring The Description Of ‘The World’s Worst Cat,’ Which Was Put Up For Adoption By An Animal Shelter

A North Carolina animal shelter believed it would be difficult to find a home for one of its inhabitants, but an unusual ad has turned this grouchy cat into a celebrity.

This ad was placed on Facebook by the shelter

Credit: MitchellCountyAnimalRescue

Perdita, a 4-year-old domestic shorthair, was surrendered to the shelter following her owner’s death. Owners of the shelter realized she was a little tough to manage right away…

Credit: BMitchellCountyAnimalRescue

Perdita appears to be unable to discern whether she wants human attention or not, and will swat anyone who guesses incorrectly, despite having her health carefully tested to rule out sickness as a cause of aggressive cat’s behavior.

Credit: MitchellCountyAnimalRescue

They realized they’d have to think outside the box to find a home for this enraged feline. So they decided to go for it direct and created this flyer full of amusing comments that don’t sugarcoat anything since honesty is the best policy.

Credit: MitchellCountyAnimalRescue

Despite the shelter’s less-than-flattering support of this cat’s conduct, the viral ad drew the attention of some individuals eager for the challenge—in an update, the shelter stated that staff is currently reviewing over 50 applications to provide this naughty cat the best home possible.

Credit: MitchellCountyAnimalRescue

Perdita isn’t sure how she feels about all the attention.

Credit: Bored Panda

After all, Perdita is likely bewildered and frightened after losing her owner and being ejected from her own home.

Credit: MitchellCountyAnimalRescue

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