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Feral Cat Is Fed By The Family, And She Returns With Her Four Babies Later

A cat-loving couple in Montreal, Canada, has been doing a fantastic job of taking after the area’s impoverished, homeless cats.

Kurt and Melanie have been doing everything they can to help the needy cats, despite the fact that they are unable to adopt any more cats (they already have their hands full with the ones they have in the house).

Credit: TweetCat

The pair has been feeding stray and feral cats and setting up cat shelters in their backyard, according to LoveMeow, and they just received confirmation of exactly how much their commitment matters to the animals they’ve assisted.

A shy, black stray entered their home, had a bite of food, and then departed.

Credit: TweetCat

She returned a little time later, accompanied by her four tiny kittens.

Credit: TweetCat

The caring mother of four had hoped that whomever had assisted her in obtaining food would also assist her kittens.

Kurtis and Melanie were more than willing to assist.

Credit: TweetCat

The kittens were really beautiful and vibrant. As they surveyed their new house, they played, explored, and followed their mother everywhere.

They were clearly enjoying all of the food, shelter, and loving that they were now receiving, and the cat mom appeared to be quite happy with her decision to place the kittens in Kurtis and Melanie’s care.

Credit: TweetCat

While Kurtis and Melanie sought for suitable owners for the loving foursome, they took excellent care of them.

They took the time to socialize the kittens, and two of them finally found forever homes.

Credit: TweetCat

In honor of their rescuers, the surviving two kittens were given the names Kurt and Mel. They’re such a close pair that they can’t be separated and will have to share their eventual permanent home.

“They are the nicest, cuddliest kittens you will ever meet.” In an interview, Kurtis remarked, “It would be great if they could be adopted together…because they are so close.”

Credit: TweetCat

Kurtis and Melanie have received assistance from the Chatons Orphelins Montréal rescue group as they continue their hunt for a decent home for the two kittens. The kittens have just returned from their first visit to the veterinarian, and Kurtis and Melanie are doing all they can to find their mother so she can be spayed.

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