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Kitten Barges Into Police Station and Settles In Right Away

Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to accomplish with their lives, and a particular little kitten is one of them. He was practicing patrolling from the time his small paws struck the pavement of Eden Township streets in Alameda County, California, in preparation for the day he became part of a law enforcement family.

When the fluffy black kitten felt ready, he sauntered over to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and settled down immediately, not leaving until he was accepted into the family. The story of a kitten who wandered into the station and wanted to stay was brought to them by the Sheriff’s Office’s “good news department.”

Credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

The adorable kitty had “been wandering about our Eden Township Station,” according to the Facebook post. The young one had been seen outside for a few days, according to the staff. It’s safe to presume he was working up the confidence to enter the building and take over as the next pawfficer on duty! Everyone imagined he was “trying to walk on as a K-9 unit” until he eventually started loitering around the doors.

Credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

“He refused to go until he went into the building for an interview,” he said emphatically. Officers and employees couldn’t say no to the cat, which came as no surprise.

“When he got to the sergeant’s office, he took over the printer and took a nap.”

Credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

What was the department’s first impression of the newcomer?

“He has a tremendous attitude, but he’s really attractive.”

Credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

The kitten’s great day at the Sheriff’s office ended with the best news ever, with the department announcing, “We are glad to announce Deputy Scalise took him to the vet and she is going to adopt him.” All in one day, you can have a good job and a permanent home? It’s not a terrible day for a kitty!

Credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

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