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Every Day, This Beautiful Cat Brings Her Human A Special Kind Of Gift!

Almost all cat owners are all too familiar with their feline friends’ obsession with delivering them, well, ‘presents’ each morning. As you walk downstairs for a bowl of Cornflakes, there’s usually half a mouse or a bird wing hanging out on your doorway – and that’s not mentioning the occasions when they’ve also peed all over the carpet. Thank you for that, friend.

One clever cat, on the other hand, recognized her owner’s annoyance and replaced the morning rodent with a leaf. She began giving him a leaf on a daily basis!

Owner Ben went on to say that his cat Baloo first began demonstrating her affection for him by bringing him mice and small birds as gifts, leaping through the bedroom window and onto Ben’s bed.

Ben told the Metro, “I’d wake up to her on my chest, with something in her mouth that she’d drop on my face/chest and meow.”

“I’m not sure if she wanted me to assume it was breakfast or just a present.”

“I’d leap from my bed to attempt to capture the creature and make a big deal out of it.”

“Once I was caught, I’d look at her and scream, ‘Stop bringing me these things!’ before throwing it out the window right in front of her.”

“She constantly seemed perplexed and unhappy, which made me feel awful.” I can’t be upset with her since she’s a cat, and I’m sure she thinks she’s doing well.

“She was out all night catching these presents for me.” It seems to me that she believed it was part of her mission. She was doing her part by going out and bringing home the bacon, so to speak, while we were creating a mess all night and sleeping all morning.”

“Sometimes it was a little branch, sometimes it was a huge leaf,” Ben said. They were usually large, attractive leaves. Every morning, it was such a relief to not have to deal with live mice that I would take the leaf and play with it while she perched on my chest.

“The image of my tiny kitten looking at me with a huge leaf in her jaws as I open my eyes is so sweet. Anyone would have been able to see that I was pleased with my reaction.”

“It’s not the ideal place for a human to live,” Ben explained. “However, she adored all of the socializing and fast-food crumbs.” She’d saunter through full-fledged gatherings, searching for attention. She was really well-liked.

“She’s a really affectionate cat; everyone in my present apartment complex knows her by name since she frequents the other units.”

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