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Until They Are Rescued, A Kitten Brother And Sister Keep Each Other Alive

Meet Bonsai and Buddha, two cute young cats who were discovered abandoned in Phoenix, Arizona.
They were all alone when they were discovered, and they kept each other alive until help arrived.

Bottle Baby Fosters, a foster care firm for abandoned kittens, was founded by Melinda Blain. She received a call one day informing her that a pair of kittens needed to be rescued.

Credit: Melinda Blain

They were discovered alone, injured, and in desperate need of love and care. Melinda took them in without hesitation and began feeding and treating them.

“The tortie female barely weighed 85 grams, whereas her brother weighed 120. At five days old, she weighed the same as an underweight baby,” Melinda told Love Meow.

When they were discovered, they were absolutely attached and would both grieve if they were separated. It was a marvel they’d gotten this far without having a mother.

Credit: Melinda Blain

Both of the kittens had wounds on their legs that were treated. After their initial attempt, the two snuggled up and had a lengthy snooze to recover.

“As soon as I lifted them up, they purred.” They just appeared to understand how much they were adored.”

Credit: Melinda Blain

Bonsai grew 15 grams in weight in just one day! Despite the fact that she had a big wound on one of her legs, she was always cheerful when her brother was nearby.

“She has the loudest purr and is a wonderful little warrior.”

Credit: Melinda Blain

“Because she had such an incredible hunger and fighting spirit, she soon gained weight and recovered.”

Their eyes were wide open at ten years old, and their full stomachs demonstrated a strong need for food.

Credit: Melinda Blain

“In the mornings, the brother and sister pair enjoy additional cuddle time, and they always fall asleep during snuggles.”

Credit: Melinda Blain

They did everything together, explored as a pair, and even found out how to use the litter box.

Credit: Melinda Blain

They liked solid food after they tried it for the first time!

“They’re almost completely weaned, but they still need frequent cuddles.”

Credit: Melinda Blain

“Bonsai is an adventurous little girl who enjoys climbing, and Buddha enjoys hugging and playing with his sister.”

Credit: Melinda Blain

Once they are both old enough to be adopted, they should be able to find a permanent home together.

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