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A Senior Cats Love Story – Barnaby

Barnaby was his name, and the team made it their duty to locate a loved senior cat a home where he could spend his golden years. They shared photos of Barnaby on social media in the hopes of finding a home for him, and as luck would have it, they found the perfect family!

Barnaby was discovered on Facebook by Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare Sheehan of Sheehan Veterinary Centre in Camden, New Jersey. They felt they were destined to be together right away. The elderly cat would clearly benefit from having an experienced veterinary team care for him, not only medically, but also by opening their hearts and homes to him and his unique requirements.

Credit: Sheehan Veterinary Centre

The whole staff fell fascinated with him on his first visit to Sheehan’s office for blood tests and a checkup, as had become the routine. He courageously crossed the unfamiliar environment, exhibiting no fear, and firmly established himself as the office’s “supurrvisor.”

Barnaby has been put on antibiotics, which he takes without difficulty every day, and he is gaining weight on a special senior diet since joining his new fur-free home. He has several committed nurses who spoon feed him wonderful gravy combined with a little of additional vitamins to help him feel better whenever he has tummy issues.

Credit: Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Knowing that he would certainly require more medical treatment as he grew older, which may result in big costs, the Sheehans were confident that they would be able to provide him with the care he required to live a long and healthy life.

Barnaby is improving every day as he recovers from his unknown previous challenges.

He takes his official position as Office Mascot/Internet Star very seriously, and he’s a perfect illustration of why senior cats, like any other deserving fur-baby, should be given the same chances as any other suitable fur-baby. Age is nothing more than a number!

Barnaby is still doing well, and he recently wished everyone a “Meowy Early Catmas”!

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