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Traveling Cat Has Driven Her Owner Throughout Practically The Whole United States

Tora is a Scottish cat that enjoys going on trips in the passenger seat of her human father David Durst’s vehicle. These wonderful buddies have visited many locations and chronicled their adventures on Instagram. David struggled to find a home for a cat since adoption organizations believed that a cat could not have a decent quality of life if it had to travel by road all the time.

Credit: Animalesadorables

A breeder emailed the man a snapshot of Tora just as he was ready to give up. The cat was only eight weeks old at the time, but David knew right away that he had discovered his ideal travel and adventure companion. ” Tora was eight weeks old when we received her, and we were on the road three days later. She was the boldest kitten I’d ever seen, and she immediately leaped on the vehicle. He enjoyed peering out the window and soaking in the views. “It was a snap adjustment,” David Durst remarked.

Credit: Animalesadorables

David professes to be ecstatic by Tora’s great social media acceptance. David and Tora have established thousands of online acquaintances, but they also have a large number of real-life friends as a result of their numerous journeys. The pair has traveled to a variety of locations, including Sacramento, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Orlando, among many others. Tora enjoys getting out of the vehicle and seeing new places, especially in major cities. Tora is always eager for any experience, from major cities to isolated woodland excursions,” David adds.

Credit: Animalesadorables

Of course, fantastic experiences await these two wonderful friends on the road, and they will undoubtedly visit many more remarkable sites on their bucket list.

Tora in her vehicle, quietly relaxing and enjoying the journey, may be seen in the video below:

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