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A Blind Abandoned Kitten Is Finally Adopted The Clings To Her New Father And Refuses To Let Go

A kind resident in Cape Town, South Africa, discovered a small orphaned kitten late last year. This poor stray was abandoned and, unfortunately, born blind. She was sent to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group, or DARG, whose mission is to rescue, care for, and help spay/neuter the community’s unwanted and abandoned pets.

Despite the fact that June was said to be a total love bug, she spent months with Holly while waiting for the purrfect family to adopt her. DARG shared the photo and tale of the lovely tiny kittens on their Facebook page in the hopes of finding their home.

June is blind, so she has a few limitations that make finding her a forever home a little more difficult than it is for other cats.

Her new family should have past experience adopting a blind animal, so they understood what she needed. According to an animal behaviorist, she shouldn’t be around dogs, but the courageous little kitten would probably get along with other cats if they were introduced correctly.

When Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner read June’s Facebook post, they felt she belonged with them. They applied to adopt her before ever meeting her face to face!

They were approved since everything fit purrfectly!!! It was an instant bond when they eventually picked her up on March 20th. June appears to be a “daddy’s girl.” She embraced her new father and snuggled into his arms right away.

She even climbed up on his neck on the way home and refused to let go.

She did, however, appear to be up against some stiff competition for the crown. Leia and Leeloo, the family’s two cats, took a little longer to warm up to the brave feline. After a few weeks of “female battles” that mostly consisted of hissing and ignoring each other’s existence, the sisters gave in and are now happily clicking and snuggling together.

June enjoys going on walks in her new harness while taking in the scenery. The DARG team proudly shared photographs of the courageous child on one of their trips that they had received from her adoptive parents in April.

June has been a gift to them and their family. Learning how to see the world through the eyes of a blind cat has caused them to reconsider their own perspectives. Always remember to “paws” and be thankful for each and every day you have. 

Please consider donating to DARG and its South African organization.

Cole and Marmalade’s father, “Cat Man Chris” Poole, was also fortunate enough to visit Cape Town in August to assist the animals and family caring for them that require assistance!7

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