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The Newest Star On The Hit Show “Outlander” Is An Adorable Grey Kitten

Whether or not you’re a fan of Starz’s blockbuster program Outlander, you’ll appreciate the show’s most recent casting pick. Outlander’s cast and crew have been hard at work on their fifth season, which is slated to premiere in February 2020. The historical time travel series is based on novelist Diana Gabaldon’s collection of novels. Well-known human actors are among the star-studded cast. To mention a few, there’s Scottish actor Sam Heughan and Irish actress Caitriona Balfe.

However, the world is currently fixated on a smaller, somewhat furrier cast member. Adso is his name. And it’s safe to predict that everyone’s favorite character will be this beautiful kitty. And based on their social media accounts, Sam and Caitriona seem to be OK with it.

“We have a casting announcement that is highly im-purr-tent… “Could it be…?”

Fans of the original novels immediately recognized who they were referring to. Adso first appears in The Fiery Cross, the fifth volume in the Outlander series. Jamie FraserĀ discovers the tiny cat and chooses to take him home with him. Clair , his wife, receives the cat, and the family’s newest pet doesn’t take long to win hearts.

Jamie names the kitten Adso after a cat his late mother used to have, and the rambunctious gray feline takes over as the household hunter. He keeps rats out of the house and appears in numerous more situations throughout the novel.

The real-life Adso’s debut on Twitter was greeted with rapturous acclaim.

“This is the only casting that matters!” exclaims the narrator.

“Adso, Adso!” Awwwww! “Perfect casting!”Ā 

Sam Heughan seemed to be very taken with his co-star. He’s shared a number of photos on Instagram. He and Adso don’t appear to mind sharing the “leading man” role on the program.

“It creates a lot of diversions since we all want to play with the cat instead of doing any work,” says the narrator.

“Now an Adso fan account,” the Outlander Twitter account altered its description to. We won’t be able to assess Adso’s acting talents until the new season premieres in February, but we’re certain he’ll be a hit.

Of course, when he’s not napping on set or posing for the “pawparazzi,” that is.

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