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When A Cyclist Comes Upon An Abandoned Kitten, His Life Is Forever Changed

Niccol Bonifazio is an Italian competitive cyclist.

During his riding career, he’s received several awards for athleticism, but the most valuable medal of them came from a recent act of charity.


Bonifazio was on a 20-kilometer training ride with a few buddies in a rural area last month when he heard something that drew his attention. Bonifazio heard small screams for assistance from someplace off the road, far away from any houses or structures.

Bonifazio told The Dodo, “I heard meowing in the distance.” “It was a jarring noise. So I started searching in the woods.”

A small cat clinging to live near a rubbish bag, probably put there and left to die, was spotted by the worried rider.

Bonifazio, thankfully, had discovered him just in time.


That was the turning point in the kitten’s life. Bonifazio had saved him from death’s door, but he wasn’t done yet.

“We took him to the vet right away, and he’s doing great now,” Bonifazio added. “I made the decision to bring him home with me.”


The small cat has thrived since then, surrounded by Bonifazio’s and his partner’s affection.

Bonifazio described him as “extremely pleasant and full of enthusiasm.” “His name is Bisous, which means ‘kiss’ in French.”


There’s no question that the kitten would have died tragically if Bonifazio hadn’t heard his screams that day — but because to his efforts, Bisous now has a bright future ahead of him.

And it’ll be one they’ll be sharing together, as it should be.

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