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When Kitten Discovers A Paint Tray, She Decides to Redecorate The House

Maisy is barely 6 months old and brimming with kitten vigor. Her mom isn’t always able to keep up with the naughty kitty and her antics because she spends most of her days trying to figure out what she can get into next.


Maisy’s mother, Holly Clark, told The Dodo, “She has a highly curious nature.” “She’s always getting herself into stuff she shouldn’t!” I have to be really cautious, especially in the kitchen, since she enjoys getting into the cabinets. She is always tearing toilet paper, picking [at] the carpet or the couch, and she enjoys playing with plastic bags.”


Clark performed some painting around the home lately and made sure the paint cans were tightly sealed afterward so Maisy couldn’t get into them. But, before going to bed, Clark left her paint tray and brushes soaking in the laundry room sink, which Maisy promptly discovered.


Maisy had chosen to do some remodeling of her own, so Clark raced to check the remainder of the house.

“There were paw tracks all throughout,” Clark added. “Absolutely everywhere,” says the narrator. My laundry is in the rear of my house, so she ran all the way to the front entrance, through all the bedrooms, all the way through the lounge room and the wooden furniture in the living room, and all the way to the toilet (her most favorite piece of paw art).”


“I first became aware of her ‘artwork’ while I was getting ready for work and saw little white footprints in my hallway… “My initial thought was, ‘Oh my God, no,'” Clark explained.


Maisy hadn’t missed a single room in the home, and she appeared very pleased with herself when her mother discovered her curled up peacefully with paint all over her paws. Maisy thinks it was a job well done.


It wasn’t difficult to remove the paint off Maisy’s paws because it had been washed down after soaking in the sink. The remainder of the home was also readily cleaned, much to Maisy’s chagrin. She had put quite a lot of effort into her masterpieces, but it appears that she and her mother had very different opinions about what constitutes art.

Clark still loves Maisy more than anything, and she’ll be more careful about where she left her paints in the future – Maisy the artist is always looking for new ways to express herself.

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