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‘When the Stray Cat Becomes Your Big Sister’ Is A Story About A Stray Cat Who Becomes Big Sister — Natalie and Cindy

The lives of a BFF cat and infant has fascinated millions of people on social media. Bruna Fava’s Instagram account has a big following, and she frequently posts videos of her cat, Cindy, and baby Natalie. Cindy, a stray cat who was plainly meant to be Natalie’s best companion, was adopted as a kitten.

Credit:v via TikTok/brufava

Fava is a self-proclaimed cat lover who is known for her “Mom Hacks,” recipes, and charming videos on TikTok and Instagram. She spends a lot of time with her cute kid, her husband, and the family pets.

Natalie was born in the month of January 2020. The baby has always been fond of cats, particularly Simba, a ginger cat.

“Taking a little sun with my kitten”

Credit:v via TikTok/brufava

Cindy, as you can see, was quite patient with the infant. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Cindy is frequently sat close, constantly wanting to be near the infant. Cindy reacts kindly even when Natalie gets a bit grabby with the cat’s tail.

Cindy is Natalie’s constant friend as she develops and learns new things. Natalie may be seen reading a book to Cindy in one video.

In another, Cindy watches while Natalie snores away in her sleep.

“Not my one-year-old snoring like an 80-year-old guy napping on a rainy day,” says the mother.

“Even the cat was terrified.”


Cindy was a stray cat and now is Natalie’s big sister 🥺 #catlover

♬ Smile Keeper – Hm

Credit:v via TikTok/brufava

Natalie just went shopping with a little puppy named Lulu, but the cats still rule at home.

“Natalie spent one of the most enjoyable days of her life shopping with Lulu, and if you’re asking…

NO, I’m not going to get her a dog just yet, okay?

Credit:v via TikTok/brufava
Credit:v via TikTok/brufava

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