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Kitten’s Unusual Bicolor Eyes, Half Blue And Half Brown, Make The Entire World Fall In Love With Her

In the nets, a kitten dazzles because to the color of her eyes, which enhances her beauty.

Although a gorgeous feline can fascinate with its glance owing to heterochromia, a defect in the synthesis of melanin that results in a blue and yellow eye, this disease is extremely unusual in our lovely heroine.

Credit: oddity_olive

This is the story of Olive, a lovely cat that can’t seem to get enough of people’s hearts because of the beautiful hue of her eyes.

He was born with sectorial heterochromia iridis, a genetic disorder that causes his eyes to be two-toned, with a blue and yellow hemisphere in each eye.

Credit: oddity_olive

Half brown and half blue, the kitten’s eyes are a mix of brown and blue. Its appearance is further accentuated by the fact that it is a totally white fluffy ball of hair, which makes it look very lovely.

Kim, Olive’s mother, says she had no idea the hue of Olive’s eyes would change so dramatically when she adopted her.

Credit: oddity_olive

The mother of this lovely kitten emphasized that she adopted Olive to be another playmate for her other three cats; she was just a baby when she initially took her home, thus she was oblivious of the ailment that sweet Olive suffered. Kim stated:

“I was seeking for a new kitten to add to the household. “I wanted a happy kitty who would blend in with the others.”

Credit: oddity_olive

Because of their low melanin levels, white cats are disproportionately affected by this hereditary disease.

The hue of his eyes began to shift with the passage of time. Fortunately, the genetic abnormality causes no health issues, thus this lovely kitty lives a perfectly healthy and happy life.

A pampered kitty who becomes envious if you do not give her your whole attention when she requests it.

Credit: oddity_olive

Its main disadvantage is that it is really attractive and draws the attention of everyone who sees the perfect blend of hues in their eyes for the first time.

“I didn’t pick her for her eyes. When I took it up, it was pretty black; the lady put it up to the light and suggested it could have unusual eyes. “I wasn’t sure how his eyes would change,” Kim explained.

Credit: oddity_olive

This adorable kitten’s popularity has grown so much that her mother decided to establish an Instagram account for her; she now has over 21 thousand followers from all around the world.

Credit: oddity_olive

Kim posts updates on a regular basis, allowing her followers to explore her mysterious stare.

Her eyes have a darker hue, giving her a more intriguing appearance.

Credit: oddity_olive

Kim claims that as time passes, the tone of her eyes grows more intense, giving her a more intriguing appearance.

This piques the interest of those who encounter it for the first time and appear to become lost in its stare.

This lovely kitten not only attracts attention visually, but she also enjoys the fact that her mother always pampers her; she is spoilt and a bit territorial, so she will try her best to spend the majority of her time in Kim’s arms.

Credit: oddity_olive

“Olive is a naughty kitten that becomes envious if I pay attention to another cat.” She enjoys getting massaged, tummy rubbed, chin rubbed, and everything else she can get her hands on. He’d rather have cake than cat treats.”

Credit: oddity_olive

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