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Unable To Eat, A Homeless Guy Refuses To Eat In Order To Feed Abandoned Kittens

Loong Dum, a guy who lives on the streets of Thailand, has become well-known on social media for his tremendous generosity and what he can do for the well-being of his best friends.

Although Dum is homeless, his perilous situation does not prevent him from assisting the stray cats with which he shares what little he has, thus this man, unexpectedly, puts a portion of his honest earnings in feeding his beloved kittens.

Loong Dum in his humble lime stand

Dum has been a source of inspiration for others, and his tale has reached thousands of people owing to the widespread exposure that his good actions have received thanks to social media.

Your finest hook for touching a heart is your grin.

Dum’s narrative began when Thailand’s Warunta Wattanasupachoke grew interested in the topic. She saw he was sleeping at the railway station and wanted to get to know him better so she could understand more about his life.

Warunta learned of the great love that Dum professes for cats

Due to great poverty, Dum has been living on the streets of Thailand for years. He generally sleeps outside the train station with a slew of cats, and earns a fortune selling limes, a venture that barely keeps him afloat.

He requires everything material, yet he possesses an abundance of love, serenity, and pleasure.

When Warunta first met Dum, he was taken aback by his altruistic compassion for animals. This man does not make much money selling limes on the streets of his city, but he spends what he does make in himself and, most importantly, in his cats.

Dum has gone to sleep without eating on occasion, but his cats are never hungry.

When the sale of limes is really low, Dum may choose to sacrifice himself in order to help the kitties. Even if he has to go to bed hungry that night, his four-legged buddies never go hungry.

Knowing everything there was to know about this man on the street, Warunta did not hesitate to buy limes to assist him.

Thanks to Warunta, Dum was able to get money from individuals who were aware of his tale.

Not content with this, the young woman posted the man’s tale on social media, hoping that others in the city would be aware of the situation and might be able to assist her.

People who became acquainted with Dum as a result of Warunta’s suggestions did not just seek him out to buy limes; many also opted to give cat food and other goods to help them improve their position.

Dum was able to shave and trim his hair, as well as get some new clothes.

Dum received clothing and a lovely haircut from someone with a huge heart. This man now appears to be a completely different person, and he is more determined than ever to continue doing everything he can to keep his kittens quiet.

Dum is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Fortunately, and because to Warunta’s solidarity, this man’s tale is now widely acclaimed, and his life is improving.

Dum now has a new appearance and is still selling limes to make ends meet.

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