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Kitten Smashes His Owner’s Hearing Aids And Apologizes, Then Offers Him A New Snake

What would you respond if your cat decided to exchange your hearing aids for a snake? The same incident happened to Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani, an Indonesian young guy. Nobody believed him until he recounted his experience in a Facebook group named “Kami Pecinta Kucing,” where it went viral as predicted.

The 8-month-old cat was playing with headphones on its owner’s bed. He watched as his cherished clump of hair began to bite at his headphones, breaking them in half in seconds.

Credit: Haryanto

“I was furious to see my headphones damaged,” Pherwhirra said.

The tiny cat, on the other hand, had a surprise in store for Haryanto (and us), as he returned home with what he apparently believed might replace the headphone cord: a snake. A serpent, indeed!

Credit: Haryanto

“Earlier today, the cat was on my bed playing with my headphones when he unintentionally sliced them in half.” I chastised the cat, and he promptly fled the home. He gave me a present when he returned home an hour later.

Cats are natural hunters, and it is not uncommon for them to surprise us with mice or birds that hunt in very amazing ways if we take the time to study them in their natural habitat.

Credit: Haryanto

However, snakes are not on the regular menu of cat surprises, which explains Haryanto’s degree of surprise, as well as the level of surprise from his Internet friends, who celebrated the event on their social networks with over 9,000 likes and 6,500 shares.

Credit: Haryanto

The concern we have is, if our buddy is already hunting snakes at 8 months old, what can we anticipate from him when he is two years old and reaches adulthood?

Hopefully, he will keep his instincts alive and go hunting as much as he wants, so that your loving human may rest certain that he does not come into contact with unwanted creatures and insects in his house.

He apologized to the little and skinny snake he had brought as a backup and just dropped it.

Credit: Haryanto

Some Facebook users complimented the cat, claiming it was extremely intelligent and tried to make amends with its owner. They also chuckled at the cat’s guilty appearance and apologized, asking Haryanto to please forgive the kitten.

Credit: Haryanto

They also said that the cat might have returned the snake as if it were a replacement wire for the ones it snapped because it was long and thin, much like a wire.

Haryanto, for his part, purchased new headphones following the event, but the cunning cat messed with them again.

Haryanto, on the other hand, stated that he no longer dared to reprimand the cat for fear of bringing another snake to him to apologize!

Credit: Haryanto

Hopefully, you’ve realized that headphones should not be chewed. Anyway, perhaps we’ll continue to hear from this adorable Indonesian kitty and his master.

Credit: Haryanto

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