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As She Strolls Along The Street, A Stunning Wild Cat Draws Attention

Allison Burton was at home in Canada the other day when she noticed a big hairy creature strolling casually down her neighborhood. She initially mistook it for a dog.

Burton, on the other hand, took a closer look.

It turned out to be a lynx, proudly displaying her beautifully fluffy body for everyone to see.


“I’ve never seen one in person,” Burton told The Dodo. “I was ecstatic and in amazement simply to witness this magnificent creature strolling so near to me.”

Burton dashed to fetch her camera, which is a good thing.


The lynx was not in a rush as she strolled down the road, allowing Burton to get these amazing images.


Others stopped to look at her, but the gorgeous wild cat didn’t focus all of her attention on her head.

“It was just so beautiful and pleased to be in its own little universe, doing its own thing,” said Burton. “The locals are feeling the same way – they really enjoy seeing these magnificent creatures.”


The lynx eventually vanished from view, returning to the environment for which she is well fitted. Though her appearance that day was brief, Burton will remember it fondly.

She wrote, “Can’t believe this lovely kitten just strolled by my door.”

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