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Firefighters Respond To A Report About A Duck Tossed Into The Garbage And Save It, Along With Six Other Animals

Firefighters do more than simply put out flames and assist individuals who are trapped in severe situations. Many people may be shocked to learn that these officials respond to the vast majority of animal rescue incidents that emerge across the world.

In the Mexican city of Guanajuato, these warriors fight animal abuse and neglect, and now we want to tell you how their actions save lives.

Guanajuato Firefighters reported the rescue, in which they collaborated with environmental police, a week ago.

They were pushed to extremes by the situation since the creature was terrified and had damage to its legs.

For males, it defies sense to get rid of any animal, let alone a duck whose environment is vastly different from that of the city.

The situation makes no sense to the firemen or anybody else, yet the rescue mission did not end there. Hours later, the uniformed guys were notified of some kittens that had been abandoned in a construction site.

They had to travel to Glorieta Cervantina to carry out the procedure on that occasion. They were able to discover and rescue the helpless animals after conducting a search in the area.

Would it surprise you to learn that, while they were performing, another episode of cruelty was taking place in the same city? Unfortunately, this occurred.

A complaint of an abandoned dog reached the Fire Department hours after the cats were rescued.

As you may expect, the heroes did not waste any time acting and were able to leave. It was a malnourished dog who had been chained inside an unoccupied house on Pulque Street in the Yerbabuena neighborhood.

However, they were also told of three additional kittens discovered within the engine of an automobile. They also assisted these children.

These firemen handled seven abandonment instances in a single day. All of them, thankfully, were successful and were transported to the Guanajuato Animal Control Center.

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