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Mom Says She Wants An Orange And White Cat, And Then One Appears Out Of Nowhere

“In the early 1990s, we had a stray turn up who was an orange and white female we named Carmel, and she was the finest cat,” Bates told The Dodo. “A few years after she died, we got Spooky, an orange and white barn cat who was a pleasure.” He died in 2008, and Mom had long wished for another.”

Everyone, of course, thought the request was adorable, and they decided to get her a kitten in May. Instead, Tom appeared.


A stray orange and white cat walked into the family’s yard in the middle of a downpour only a few weeks after Bates’ mother made her wish. They couldn’t believe it when the cat they’d been hunting for emerged out of nowhere, but he wasn’t what anybody had expected at first.

“At first, he was quite harsh and just wanted us to bring him food and drink on the deck,” Bates explained. “Slowly, he began to enter the home, but we couldn’t touch him.”


It took months and months to win Tom’s trust, yet he kept returning. He clearly wanted to be a part of the family and knew he belonged there. It was all a little strange to him. His new family, on the other hand, was quite patient with him. Although he still has his peculiarities, he appears to have accepted that he is now an official member of the family.

Tom like being pet, but if you pet him for more than a second, he will bite you. Only Bates’ mother is permitted to take him up. He’s clearly her cat more than anybody else’s, which is how he earned his moniker. Teresa’s Orange Monster is represented by Tom.


Despite everything, Tom’s family adores him and wouldn’t have him any other way.

“Tom wants to be a lover but doesn’t know how,” Bates explained. “I’m quite sure my parents knew they were keeping him the moment he arrived up.”


Tom the orange cat appeared just when he was needed, and both he and his family are pleased that they discovered each other — even if Tom forgets to express it on sometimes.

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