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Your Cat Returns Home With A Letter From His Second Family Written On His Collar: “He’s Cheating On Us”

Cats, unlike dogs, are extremely elusive pets, and as a result, they frequently flee from home with the aim of exploring other locations outside of the home setting. More than one owner has pondered what their kitten can accomplish while it is not at their side, and a family in Brazil appears to have discovered out in an unusual way.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Tang is his name, and while he is not an undercover spy, his identity should be kept secret for him. What’s the reason? Simply said, this cat is a fantastic adventurer and con guy.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Tang has been living with Thaline Rayane and her family for a few years now, and she has always been a very restless cat that enjoys her own independence.

The family allowed him fulfill their demands at will in the name of his nature, but when they saw that the cat went away from home every day after lunch, they were concerned.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Thaline was concerned that Tang may become disoriented, so she resorted to the tried-and-true method of placing a necklace on her with her home identity so that someone might turn it in if she became disoriented. This gave the young woman greater peace of mind, and she didn’t have to worry about what she was about to unleash.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Thaline had assumed Tang would leave the home to explore and hunt insects, but it appears that hard labour is not his forte. This kitten utilized his beautiful looks for something else: to entice a family into feeding and pampering him.

Tang, like a hungry kitten, was able to win over people and mislead them by appealing to their kindness. But his plot was foiled when Thaline put the collar on him, and the cat appeared at his true home with a strange letter.

Credit: Zoorprendente

The following was written on a piece of paper that was wrapped around his neck:

“Hello, this is Tang’s second family.” We just discovered that he had been unfaithful to us. We intended to adopt him because he comes here every morning to have his food, but we discovered that he does very well on his own. Because of his red collar, we now know he already has an owner. Kisses! – “Tang’s second family,” said the letter.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Thaline was astonished by her pet’s cleverness and couldn’t resist sharing the story on social media, where it quickly went viral.

More than one person claimed to having gone through something similar, implying that there is more than one kitty in the world with a dual identity. But this was only a game, and Thaline has opted to have joint custody and let Tang be happy with both families.

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