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A Woman Buys A Home And Discovers That It Includes A Cat

Giselle Bodin Lyons was overjoyed and delighted about the acquisition of her new home; she was even more excited about the transfer because her former home was just 20 minutes away, so she decided to take it easy and bring her belongings with her. Slowly, when transporting some items one of those days, she learned that she was not alone as she thought; there was a cat in her garage, and she obviously assumed she was the owner of the area.

The woman, who works for a local rescue group, was unconcerned about the issue, and even if the house had a cat, it was not inconvenient for her.

In a Facebook post, Giselle stated:

«I recently bought a house, and he apparently came with a cat, which no one informed me about. Do I have a pet even though I don’t have a couch?


The curious cat did not appear restless and seemed to enjoy the time spent watching Giselle unload some of her possessions; at the conclusion of the day, she decided to leave some water and food for her new companion.


This small kitten has made it apparent that everything that enters into the house belongs to her as well; after all, she came first.

Although Giselle has not yet fully settled into her new home, she has already decided that if the cat remains, she will gladly share her space with her.


Giselle stated to The Dodo:

“If I relocate and she is still around, I would take her for a health check and decide from there. I work with a local rescue group, so if I did adopt her, I would put her through our standard screening protocols.”


We do not always pick our dogs; thankfully, they occasionally come to us at the proper time, or, as in the case of Giselle, they can even arrive with the acquisition of their new house.

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