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The Veterinarian Who Saved Her Life Is Won Over By A Sweet Three-Legged Cat

This adorable kitten was saved when he was just two weeks old; owing to his fragile health, he required emergency surgery after becoming caught between sheets of wood in an apartment in Manhattan, New York-United States.

He was soon brought to the Veterinay Emergency Group, where he got the necessary medical care. Because of his condition, he needed to be monitored 24 hours a day and have surgery as soon as possible to avoid infections.

A young kitten who got a head start.

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

A rescued and vulnerable kitten will always be a small warrior willing to go to any extent to seize a new opportunity. Fortunately, there are many angels dressed in civilian attire who are always anxious to make a difference and fill the hearts of animals that have been mistreated.

Because of these heroes, many furry friends go on to capture the hearts of individuals who fought valiantly to save their lives. Etienne is one of her kittens with a dark past but a promising future.

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

Fortunately, a young angel appeared in his life and decided to take him in. Despite her fragile health, Etienne had a lot of power and will to survive, thus Dra. Camille Duvieusart BVMS decided to offer all for surgery.

The kitten was recommended to Little Wanderers NYC by the first medical facility that treated him. The organization said in this regard:

“The Veterinay Emergency Group called us for assistance, and we were delighted to assist them.”

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

Because of his size and age, the risk of infection was quite high, therefore his rescuers arranged the surgery as quickly as possible.

“The surgeons at Animal Medical Center decided that waiting was too hazardous, so they operated on him when he was too light.” The procedure was a success.

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

Fortunately, the brave kitten withstood the surgery and was allowed to return home to his foster mother and a lovely dog that was not separated from him for a single second. Little Wanderers NYC added:

“In a tragic accident at a hoarder’s house, Etienne lost half his leg.” With this injury, he was at least in his sixth life. He endured a total limb amputation thanks to the excellent doctors at Animal Medical Center and is doing really well.

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

This tiny ball of fur overcame all of the challenges. He stayed peaceful and in complete relaxation for several days.

Dr. Camille oversaw the entire rehabilitation procedure, and she couldn’t help but feel fully in love with such an exquisite kitty; she knew she’d be a permanent member of her family.

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

Etienne appreciates all of the attention he receives, as well as the companionship of his new best friend, a dog that has been unconditional since the first day he met him.

Etienne recovered quickly and revealed his cheeky and lively attitude; despite being lacking a leg, he likes to explore and run around the home like any other cat. The rescue center also stated:

“This gorgeous kitty survived the incident, a limb amputation, and sprints quicker than a full-speed bullet.”

Credit: Little Wanderers NYC

There are no boundaries for this fluffy ball of hair, a three-legged kitten with a fresh lease on life. She’s struck the right balance between running around all the halls of the home and, of course, running into her mother’s arms for the finest pampering.

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