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The Weatherman Becomes Famous For Having A Little Sofa For His Dog

Because we must stay at home owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, working from home has become an option for many, as is the case with Evan Andrews, the Fox4 channel’s weatherman, who became viral while reporting live from his house, due to the little sofa for his dog that was seen in the backdrop.

Penny, the dog, slept soundly on a lovely handcrafted sofa. There was also a bone-shaped pillow.

Newsweek quoted Andrews as saying:

“Considering all that is going on in the world today, this is the best news that arrives in the news every day, and I let [my dogs] go about freely in the background.” Half of the time, you can see one on the sofa, and the other half, you can see a cat sleeping next to the drums. That’s the joy of working from home: I never know what I’m going to get. I’ve seen that with a lot of folks. In each photo, you never know what will be in the backdrop.

Penny’s photo with Andrew has garnered over 79,000 upvotes on Reddit since one user first submitted it, calling it “the finest I’ve ever seen on TV.”


Many more comments on the photo commend Andrew on his superb selection in dog furniture.


On Twitter, followers reacted quickly, with one user writing on his account, “Evan, your dog has the life I desire.”

Andrew has four pets in total: two dogs, a cat, and a turtle. They, too, have the ability to slip away anytime they choose and appear on his weather section from time to time.

Andrews discussed the history of the couch, saying:

“However, the sofa has a history and is authentic, because I doubt I’ll ever spend that much money on a sofa.” But it was my wife’s birthday, and her aunt had bought it for her. We received the sofa on the same day that we all began working from home. The dogs fell in love with him as soon as I sat down on the couch. ‘I put it in the rear of the photo,’ I said, because everyone has their Emmys in the background. So I’ll place the sofa there.


After the epidemic has passed, Andrews may need to consider working from home so that his admirers may see more of his furry weather gear.

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