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When A Weeping Puppy Is Vaccinated By The Vet, The Cat Guards It

Everyone who has ever owned a pet knows that going to the vet is one of our furry friends’ worst fears. The differences between animals are even forgotten in this environment, where the pets look after and defend one another. This was proved by this cat, which acted as a feline superhero by defending a puppy that wept throughout vaccines.

The vet was taken aback by the kitten’s reaction as he examined his leg for visible scratches produced by this “defender of the weak,” which caused him some distress based on his movements.


We all understand the importance of vaccines for our furry friends; it is critical to prevent multiple diseases, and we understand without a doubt that it is an aggravating situation for our pets, and that the situation makes them even more anxious and worse when they hear another animal cry in the background.


So, when the brave cat heard the dog’s scream, he decided to attack the vet with his claws in order to save the unhappy dog; he had clearly been studying the scenario for some time before choosing to act.

Everything was captured in a video that has already gone viral on the social network TikTok, with over 1.4 million views.


The poor vet, who was not upset at all, was astonished; he is only seen clutching his leg and whining a little about the kitten’s blow.


final inesperado con el michi jajaja

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The video comes with the title “Unexpected finish with the Michi,” and was uploaded to TikTok by the user @ argenisperez5.


Everyone who observed the episode was taken aback, including the dog’s adoptive mother and the vet, who couldn’t believe what had happened. Without a doubt, this demonstrates that animals care for one another and that dogs and cats do not always get along.

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