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When Her Rescuers Discover Her And Her Offspring, The Homeless Kitty Goes To Them

When her rescuers discovered her and her babies abandoned outside an apartment building, a homeless kitten chases after them. A neighbor discovered that the cat’s owner had abandoned it at the location since he had relocated.

When the homeless cat gave birth to a litter of kittens while abandoned, a concerned resident decided to contact an animal rescue facility.

Catsnip Etc, a rescue organization in Goshen, Indiana (United States), reacted to the phone and quickly proceeded to the location to aid the cat.


When they got at the apartment complex, numerous locals confirmed the scenario and led them to the kitty and her cubs.

According to the rescue center:

“Their only defense was a cardboard box propped up against the wall of the apartment building.” We hurried, and the kids in the area led us to where he was hiding.


People told the shelter workers that the cat was fiercely protective of her kittens, so they had to use extreme caution. However, as soon as the staff opened a can of food, a hungry cat ran towards them, anxious to be fed.

When the cat emerged from her hiding place, they noticed that her three kittens were also huddled up on the ground.

Catsnip Etc’s Missy McNeal stated:

“I was hungry, so I followed the can to the truck.” We’ve never seen a cat consume a can of food as rapidly as this one.


The rescue crew gathered the litter of three kittens and transported them to the transport van, where their mother was. The homeless cat treated everyone on the rescue crew with kindness, as if she understood they were there to save her.

Missy stated:

“Once we arrived at her new home, it was clear she was accustomed to living indoors.”

The gorgeous feline mother relaxed in her cozy and comfy home in a matter of minutes and instantly began feeding and cleaning her pups.


The loving mother appeared to be overjoyed to have found a new home. She just couldn’t quit purring and cuddling her kittens.

Missy stated:

“We’re relieved to bring them to safety before anything awful happens to them.” “I can’t fathom her being out there with her infants in the thick of the loud and dangerous fireworks on July 4th.”

Members of the rescue center called the rescued lovely feline mother Gelato, and her babies Creamsicle, Sherbet, and Fudgie.


Gelato has been keeping herself busy with feline activities, taking care of her babies and responding to all of their requirements since they arrived into their new home. Without a doubt, the kitty is overjoyed to be able to nurture her pups in luxury and, of course, with decent food.

She attracts the attention of local volunteers every time they walk by, since she enjoys being handled and chatted to on a regular basis.


Missy stated:

‘Since we’ve got her, she hasn’t stopped purring. Gelato is considerably more at ease when we are among her babies.

She lets her carers hold her puppies while they are weighed or checked, but she doesn’t stop purring. Fortunately, the adorable kittens are maturing and opening their eyes; they are all healthy, flea-free, and well-fed.


Mama Gelato will never have to live on the streets again, and her kittens will grow up in a safe environment with all the comforts of home.


The tiny feline family is doing fantastically well at the rescue facility, and everyone on staff is overjoyed to have altered the lives of these fuzzy ones.

For the time being, Gelato continues to fill the room with his incessant purrs, melting the hearts of all who come into contact with him.

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