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An Elderly Couple Was Convicted Of Poisoning Eight Of Their Neighbor’s Cats With Pork Pellets

When we consider the values that our elders teach to us and that are provided by their experience over the years, a ghoulish plot to terminate the lives of some helpless creatures is not exactly an example of wisdom to follow. Respect for all forms of life is essential.

A Malaga court sentenced a man and a woman, both inhabitants of Avenida San Antón in Malaga, to eight months in jail for animal maltreatment and a year’s exclusion from any trade or profession involving animals. They must also reimburse the owner for any medical expenditures that are assessed.

The incident happened when the defendants, ages 68 and 71, allegedly consented to end the animals’ lives. They poisoned eight cats belonging to their neighbor after tossing balls of raw meat laced with poison over the wall that separates the two houses in Malaga, according to the brief of the public prosecutor’s preliminary prosecution.

According to the resolution, they were responsible for the deaths of two felines in the owner’s garden, which happened as a result of a circulatory and metabolic failure “compatible with the action of a poison.” Similarly, another cat had symptoms consistent with having swallowed a deadly drug and died after being treated, as did two additional felines that displayed the same signs of poisoning and perished. There is no reason for causing such pain to innocent animals.

According to the prosecution, the deceased were Pipo, Miranda, Blanca, Catalino, and Arturito. Carmela, Mati, and Coco are the three kittens who managed to save their lives thanks to the owner’s quick intervention, who performed a stomach lavage and immediately took them to the veterinarian, but according to the public prosecution, they suffer serious consequences that require them to take medication and eat a special diet for the rest of their lives.

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