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Report The Case Of The Starving Kitten Sold In A Pet Store For $1,300

Brayden Dennee stopped by PJ’s Pet Store while walking through Brampton, Ontario. I was curious about the kittens for sale. What a stunning surprise he received! His eyes observed an incident that should not have happened in any business.

The first thing he spotted were some bored kittens, one of which was sitting at the rear door. It created the sense that the cat knew he could escape via that door and was waiting for the right moment.


Alison Cross, a spokesman for that group, would not provide any information, only stating that there was an ongoing inquiry and that she could not provide details, only stating that they were ensuring that Cleo had the proper treatment. Amy Young, a PJ shop spokesman, disputed that Cleo was for sale and that she had been robbed and found in a residence with 11 cats, where she had been the victim of animal abuse.

When they recovered him, they took him to the vet to check his health and see if he had any ailments from being kidnapped.


Amy stated that Cleo was not for sale, but that the companionship of her coworkers may serve as therapy to help her overcome the negative experience. Michelle Victoria, an officer with the animal welfare organization All Paws Rescue, was not convinced that Cleo was not for sale.

So, how is the cost justified? He dispatched a volunteer from the group to the business. The security department took him away without gaining any information.

The fact is that this situation is really peculiar; nevertheless, the good news is that it is already in the hands of competent authorities, and we believe that they are doing their jobs properly.


Cleo stayed at Amy’s house to receive the medical attention she required for her recuperation. Weeks later, the business personnel requested that some images of Cleo be shared to demonstrate her progress.


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