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Despite Being Just A Few Days Old, A Rare Ill Pussycat Is Beginning To Resemble A Granddad

Grandpa, sometimes known as “Grandpa,” is a cute little kitty that has startled everyone with his unusual look. “Grandpa’s” visage has drawn a lot of attention when he was a newborn.

The look on his face perfectly reflects the moniker he was given by his human mother, Stephanie Medrano.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

Little “Grandpa” has exquisite white fur and a wrinkled face; at first glance, it appears to be an elderly cat, but it is actually a newborn.

“When I adopt kittens, I try to give them names like Turtle or Starfish, but when they gave me ‘Grandpa,’ it was the first name that sprang to mind when I saw his little face,” Stephanie explained.

His unique features gave him an expression of perpetual concern just hours after birth.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

“I had no clue it would be such a success and that it would actually fit her personality so well,” Stephanie added.

Stephanie met “Grandpa” on the day he was born, and she has been at his side ever since to help him succeed.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

Stephanie’s heart was captured by this particular kitty; it was love at first sight.

“A buddy called and asked for my assistance. “A cat was born that morning with its hind legs twisted back and a cleft palate,” Stephanie explained.

Its owners went to the doctor to have the kitten’s condition evaluated since they were concerned about its health.

“His parents brought him to the vet, who advised them his prospects of survival were limited and that death should be considered.” “They didn’t want to leave the cat, so they phoned me immediately away,” Stephanie explained.

Stephanie brought the small kitten home with the support of the Stray Cat Alliance and began a rehabilitation program, tube feeding him every two hours and straightening his bent hind legs.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

“This occurs when the tendon is too short, causing the leg to pull back instead of forward.” Several times a day, I stretch and rub its legs forward. “If there are any further improvements that need to be made when I’m older, an expert will do it,” Stephanie explained.

When “Grandpa” is strong enough, he will require surgery to fix his cleft palate and allow him to eat normally. But for the time being, the small kitten simply has to regain her energy, which means she must take a lot of lengthy sleeps.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

“When he was younger, when I picked him up, his body would go slack because he didn’t wake up right away,” Stephanie explained.

Despite his youth, “Grandpa” is a warrior who becomes stronger by the day. He is a little guy who enjoys spending time with his foster mother.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

“In general, he is slow and mild.” You’ll just sit there staring into nothingness. “He enjoys having his hair brushed with a toothbrush,” Stephanie explained.

Credit: Grandpa.the.kitten

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