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Loving Kitten Assists Her Hairdresser Father In Looking As Dashing As Possible For Their Big Date

Not everyone has the joy of having a pet at home. And until that happens, they will have no idea what it is for life to truly alter you for the better.

Merayad Ali is a man who had no intention of getting a pet. However, his brother spotted a pussycat on the streets, and Merayad knew within days that he was meant to adopt her.

Credit: _merayad

The gorgeous kitten was named Zeytin, and after a few weeks, she didn’t want to leave her new owner.

The furry girl adjusted so well to her new life that she decided to expand her pet career and become Merayad’s stylist as well.

“My kitty has stolen my heart.” “We’re incredibly close, and I’d do anything for her,” said Zeytin’s owner.

Credit: _merayad

Merayad and her cat live on their own. As a result, the furry girl has become accustomed to spending her days with only him.

When the young guy is ready to go on a date, the crafty Zeylin quickly suspects what is going on and unleashes his most possessive and protective side.

“I hope I meet a woman who adores the kitty,” one social media user said.

Credit: _merayad

Merayad, like any good owner, is certain of the key condition that his partner must meet:

“Zeytin makes the last call on who I date.” “I couldn’t be with any female if my kitty didn’t approve,” Merayad explained.

Credit: _merayad

When it comes to appraising the girls her father dates, the kitty is quite choosy. Zeytin would meow unhappily whenever he saw Merayad getting ready for a beautiful date.

Credit: _merayad

She has, however, chosen to assist him in his hunt for the right lady.

They have a lovely ritual in which Merayad stands in front of the mirror to double-check that everything is in order and the kitty jumps on her shoulders to ensure that every strand of her hair is flawless.

“I understand she doesn’t want to share me with anyone, yet she still assists me.” “She’s a wonderful kitty,” Merayad said.

Credit: _merayad

The lovely Zeytin can be seen delicately playing with her owner’s hair in a touching video.

The cat has evolved into quite the stylist, and we must agree that she does an excellent job of making her owner appear stunning.

Credit: _merayad

Everyone was affected by the article, and the lovely kitty has become a famous for her ability as a stylist.

There is no question that Merayad will turn heads with the aid of such a bright kitty. We only hope she finds a fantastic kitty lover so the mischievous furry doesn’t feel lonely.

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