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When Kitten Sees His Owner Passed Away  On A Phone Video, He Gets Teary-Eyed

When a distraught cat viewed a video of her deceased owner on her phone, tears welled up in her eyes. Millions of animal lovers have been enthralled by the scenes. Then there are some who maintain that they have no sentiments!

Animals can definitely sense emotions; in fact, they are among the most sensitive species, especially when it comes to our pets, who are typically rather open about their feelings. Even when their humans are no longer physically there, they do not hesitate to show us attention and play games to make us feel their love.

Credit: The Paw

A video made the rounds on social media a few days ago. The visuals in this film depict a kitten sitting in an armchair with a phone, watching a video of its owner, but tragically, this feline’s person has been died for quite some time.

The kitty is really focused while viewing the movie, and you can tell he misses his human by the way he moves his tail.

Credit: The Paw

The cat then places its head on the phone, as if it were its long-dead owner. The kitty lovingly puts his face on the entire mobile phone with the goal of giving his owner a heartfelt embrace, then shuts his eyes like he did when his human was alive.

They take a closer picture of the kitten’s face towards the end of the film, and it appears like it is sobbing.

Credit: The Paw

This little one has made us cry, but you can witness the touching moment starring the kitty for yourself below:

Some have attempted to prosecute the pussycat’s family for putting their small animal through such terrible ordeal. Isn’t it obvious to the recording artist that the kitten is suffering from it? Isn’t it preferable to take his phone away, console him, and shower him with affection? But no, having 5 minutes of fame on the networks is preferable.

The lesson this movie teaches us, however, is that we must be more expressive with those we love while they are still alive. Before it’s too late, we must express our feelings and emphasize how essential they are to us.

Credit: The Paw

We hope the kitten’s family has reconsidered their pet’s incredible sensitivity, loyalty, and unconditional love. And don’t ever put him through such an ordeal again. He only needs to be surrounded by affection and care, which will help him forget about the human he adored.

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