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“If We Attempt To Take It Off, She Gets Upset” – Your Cat Is Adamant About Wearing Her New Scarf

Any cat owner will tell you that kittens aren’t particularly fond of clothes. However, there is a lovely kitty named Cinnamon who has gone viral on social media because of her affection for a scarf. It all began when one of the company’s proprietors attempted to knit a little project without realizing she didn’t have enough yarn.

Cinnamon lives in the Hawaiian village of Kapaa with his family.

CREDIT: Calliepars

Cinnamon, like any good kitty, stayed near to her humans at all times to keep an eye on their whereabouts.

Her owner’s crocheting seemed to pique the kitten’s curiosity. It was, after all, a substance that was just enticing to touch.

CREDIT: Calliepars

Originally, they intended to knit a scarf for humans, but as the thread ran out, they discovered it was for Cinnamon. They just handed it to them for a few seconds to watch how they would respond, and they were dumbfounded when they realized how much the amusing cat appreciated her present.

“My sister did it because she was bored during quarantine.” “She knitted it out of extremely nice cashmere yarn,” Callie Parsons stated.

CREDIT: Calliepars

Cinnamon began to move softly from one side to the other, loving the feel of her scarf. She appeared ecstatic with her new present, and she walked away every time someone approached, fearful that the lovely outfit might be taken away from her.

“He was quickly smitten. He employs it on a regular basis. “Callie stated he likes to sleep, hug, and wander around in the scarf.

CREDIT: Calliepars

They assumed the kitten would become bored after a few days, but this could not be farther from the truth. Cinamon and the scarf are still inextricably linked after several weeks.

“I believe she adores her scarf because it is the first time she has ever gotten such a present.” “We constantly give him snacks and toys, but not blankets,” Callie explained.

CREDIT: Calliepars

There are instances when your scarf falls off and you freeze to death on the ground. Their strategy is to wait patiently until someone notices and replaces it.

Callie posted a video on social media describing her dog’s fondness for the scarf, and it went global within hours. Many animal enthusiasts were able to come up with amusing responses.

“This is a fashionable kitty.” “She wears that with all the grace in the world,” a social media commenter commented.


doesn’t go anywhere without it🥺 #lovemycat #fyp #animalsoftiktok

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Take a peek at the photos to see how Cinnamon and his scarf are truly a match made in heaven. Cinnamon is a very special little girl who knows how to parade about the home in the best of fashions. It’s not very often to see kittens clinging so tightly to a garment, but Cinnamon is a pretty special little girl who knows how to parade around the house in the best of styles.

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