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A Man Discovered A Scared Kitten Under A Truck And Couldn’t Say No

JustAnotherGoodGuy, a Reddit user, recounted his tragic meeting with a fearful cat hanging to a vehicle near his office. “The mom kitty rushed off… and abandoned the kitten,” it turns out.

Credit: JustAnotherGoodGuy

“We couldn’t find any more kitties,” the redditor stated. He realized he couldn’t abandon such a helpless creature on the street. “Can I take it home with me?” — After finding the cat, JustAnotherGoodGuy texted his wife.

“The mama kitty ran off and… ditched the kitten.”

Credit: JustAnotherGoodGuy

“Who could refuse that face?” she responded. For the kitten, that was the beginning of a new life. She was then taken to the veterinarian for a checkup and vaccine. “That’s how we discovered she’s a woman.”

“My husband sent this picture and said ‘can I bring it home?’”

Credit: JustAnotherGoodGuy

I’ve had my vaccines, and I’ve got the entire new kitty package. She was just 4-5 weeks old when she was discovered,” the man explained. Axel was the cat’s name, and her life was going to be fantastic.

“Who could say no to that face?”

Credit: JustAnotherGoodGuy

“Axel has settled in nicely with our 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old puppy. “She’s safe, sound, warm, and… adored,” said the pair.

The couple took it to the vet and “that’s how they found she’s a she.”

Credit: JustAnotherGoodGuy

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