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A Stray Kitten Is Hired As The World’s Cutest Sidekick After Being Rescued By The Police

Officer J.N. Rowsey of the Durham Police Department in North Carolina had no idea she’d be on a call that would change her life when she arrived at work earlier this week.

But by the end of the day, two lives would have been transformed for the better.


Rowsey and her partner were patrolling a neighborhood when they came upon a little cat that was alone, afraid, and in distress. The cops came to a halt, abandoning their duties to assist the cat.

The Durham Police Department reported, “They scoured the area in an attempt to locate the kitten’s owner or mother.” “However, they were unsuccessful.”


It became evident that the small stray kitten didn’t have an owner or a home of her own. That, however, did not take long to change.

The kitten selected Officer Rowsey as her new mother after only a short time in her company. And Rowsey had no choice but to accept it.

Rowsey now had the prettiest new companion in the planet.


What started out as a normal stop to assist a distressed animal turned into the beginning of a new bond that will last a lifetime.

The police agency noted, “The happy kitty found a new home with one of the policemen.” “[She] soon settled in and seemed to be overjoyed to have found a new home with Officer Rowsey.”

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